Privacy Measure for the Client


It is recommended that you (the client) use the same safety measures that I use for keeping your information confidential.


It is recommended that you store all paper documents with your information in a locked cabinet.

For same-location services you may want to turn off any devices location services before coming to the counselor’s office.

When receiving distance counseling it is also recommended that you:

  • Conduct the sessions in a private location where others cannot hear you.
  • Do not keep your therapists contact information on your phone if it is synced with other accounts/applications.
  • Use secure video conferencing technology WeCounsel
    • If the technology has a status bar, hide your status.
  • If texting only use a secure texting application on WeCounsel
  • Do not record any sessions.
  • Password  protect your computer, tablet, phone, and any other device with a password that is unique. 
  • Use full disk encryption on any computer and/or device you use.
  • Always log out of your sessions.
  • Do not have any software remember your password. Sign in every time.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone.
  • Do not share your computer when you are logon to any counseling software.
  • If you wish to avoid others knowing that you are receiving counseling services, clear your browser’s cache (browsing history), and on your phone,  list your therapist by a name rather than as “counselor or therapist”.
  • Do not download or store information off of your client portal (Client portal/web address).  However, if you do decide to, only store in on an encrypted file.
  • Have all of your devices set to time out requiring you to sign back in after a set idle time.
  • Keep your computer updated.
  • Use a firewall and antivirus program.
  • When online do not login as an administrator.
  • Router / Access Point
    • Only use a secure network for internet access using a WAP2 security key.
    • Use your own administer ID and password (not the default) for your router or access point.
    • Choose a custom SSID name, not the default name.


Client Responsibilites / Client Protections 

If you use any other methods of electronic communication with me, Maria Giuliana, LMHC, there is a reasonable chance that a third party may be able to intercept that communication. 

 Please, note that your client portal, WeCounsel, sends appointment reminders and/or text notifications to the email address you provided. Notification sent to your email address are not considered to be private.

With the use of technology it is important to be aware that family, friends, co-workers, employers, and hackers may have access to any technology, devices, or applications that you use. 

I encourage you to only communicate through a computer, or any other device, that you know is safe, and to follow the safety measures that are detailed on the “Privacy Measures” provided here and on WeCounsel.

You are responsible for reviewing the privacy settings and agreement forms of any applications or technology you use.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have on privacy measures.