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Informational Videos on Relationships

Making Marriage Work | Dr. John Gottman

Here’s the science behind happy relationships! Dr. Gottman outlines the findings, tools and techniques that have helped thousands of couples from around the world build a “Sound Relationship House.”  John M. Gottman is a professor of psychology at the University of Washington.  He has spent his life doing comprehensive studies on what makes a healthy marriage/relationship.  He offers research-proven principles to assist couples in improving their relationship.


Animated Book Summary of The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work (Dr. John M. Gottman) | Explainer Video by OnePercentBetter


** HIGHLIGHTS ** 0:13 - PRINCIPLE 1: Enhance Your Love Maps 1:07 - PRINCIPLE 2: Nurture Your Fondness & Admiration 1:55 - PRINCIPLE 3: Turn Toward Each Other Instead Of Away 2:28 - PRINCIPLE 4: Let Your Partner Influence You 3:14 - PRINCIPLE 5: Solve Your Solvable Problems 5:30 - PRINCIPLE 6: Overcome Gridlock 6:09 - PRINCIPLE 7: Create Shared Meaning ** SUMMARY **


Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | The Gottman Institute

Certain negative communication styles are so lethal to a relationship that Dr. John Gottman calls them the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They predict relationship failure with over 90% accuracy if the behavior isn't changed. So, what can you do? Practice these four research-based antidotes to save your relationship from certain destruction. Want to learn more? Sign up for an upcoming couple's workshop.       


The Easiest Way to Improve Your Relationship | The Gottman Institute 

Turning Towards Your Partner